Ashley's World
Breathtaking original paintings of Black and West Indian heritage.

Private Art Sale
Selected pieces from the Tyler Collection.  rare Cincone originals.

Historic Restorations
Presentation of black digitally restored pictures.  Before and after restoration. 

Precious Photos
World Photo Restoration Gallery.  On-Line award winning photo restoration, specification and training catalogs.  Want to become a restoration dealer or specialist?  Want to start your own restoration or home based business? 
Get a quote to have your "rare and precious picture restored."

 heartbeat.gif (3714 bytes) Your Soul Exposed Greeting and Post Cards  skull1.gif (4105 bytes)
Artistic, Poetic and Multi-media enhanced post cards for ICQ, E-mail and the Web.   The Postman Collection, The Skull Series, The Frost Collection and more.  A Smiling Hearts Production.

Mail merge, office, database software for Home and Business.  Y2K solutions.   Data conversion.

New Magnolia
On-Line Incorporation of your company in the State of Mississippi by Registered Agent. 
(You need not be a resident.  See what attracted Precious Photos, SbcUsa and MCI - WorldCom)

Business and search engine links.

Chat Room
Very rarely used, so private and available.

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